The Presentation

The presentation is part magic show and part spiritual message. It is meant to entertain you, but at the same time, inspire you. The purpose of the message is to help you to open your imagination to faith in a way you never thought was possible and to help you set goals to grow your faith so that you can have a deeper belief in God without any limitations. Once you learn how to experience the limitless possibilities of God, you can learn how to escape the restraints of sin and truly experience “The Magic of Faith”.

The Presenter

This magical presentation is delivered by award winning magician, speaker, author and youth minister, Michael C. DeSchalit. With twenty years of experience and having worked with over 500,000 youth, in 17 states, his presentations are high energy and will engage and entertain your church audience, all while presenting a message of encouragement and faith to your group.

Desciple Leadership Training

Whether you are in need of training facilitation in your youth group, staff retreat or just general leadership training for your volunteers, Magically Speaking, LLC also offers a wide variety of Desciple Leadership Training Programs that are personally designed and customized to your group’s needs. Michael has extensive experience as a nationally recognized motivational speaker and master facilitator. He combines experiential hands on training activities together with purpose driven meaningful debrief sessions so that your group will be able to grow in the areas of communication, goal setting, teambuilding, problem solving, critical thinking and descipleship.